Tips to help when pointing a wall

Property Repairs SheffieldGenerally, the first thing people think of when pointing is needed to be carried out is “messy”. However, hopefully by reading through our list of tips when pointing, you should be able to make pointing a lot less messy and a neater job.

First of all, put your safety first. Ensure the ladder you are working on (if you are working on a ladder) is safe and secure. Perhaps you are covering a large area at height? Then we advise you make use of a scaffold tower, as you will have much better balance and both hands are made free.

Now you are safe to get started, the solution to effective pointing is to take your time and don’t rush the job. There’s nothing worse than rushing a job as the end result is just a complete mess.

Removing old and loose mortar is best done on small areas using a small chisel and hammer. Although, if you have a larger area to re-point, our advice is to use a hand grinder as this will make the removal process a lot quicker and easier.

When it comes to applying the new mortar, make sure the mixture is stiff enough for you to cut through it and push it into the seam with the finger trowel. Mixture that is too wet will simply result in a messy job and will go everywhere but the seam.


  • Work from the top and work your way down, this will prevent any loose mortar spoiling any pointing work you have already carried out.
  • Try not to mix too much mortar at one time, you will just end up with useless mortar if you do end up mixing too much.


Perhaps pointing your Sheffield property doesn’t sound like something you want to carry out yourself? If this is the case you are in, that is where we can help. We have a large team of qualified property repairs specialists in Sheffield, so feel free to call 01226 755661 and we will help you to the best of our ability get your pointing issues resolved.