The features and results of a condensing boiler

BoilerCondensing boilers will be recommended to you by your plumbing contractor, if you are on the look out for a new boiler system or replacement. They are cost effective, eco-friendlysafe and a legal requirement in the UK. When we say they are a legal requirement, it basically means that back in 2005, a new law was brought in that made it a requirement for all new boilers sold in the UK to be condensing boilers. Not only does this apply to new boilers, but it was also required that all replacement boilers were condensing boilers too.

The reason the UK has brought in this legislation, is because of the estimated amount of Carbon Dioxide levels emitted from non-condensing boilers. The UK wanted to take action on this estimation, and hopefully help reduce the amount of CO2 released into the atmosphere, so we introduced this new law.

How condensing boilers are more beneficial:

Instead of having one heat exchanger, a condensing boiler has two, which means that the steam that would have escaped in a typical conventional boiler via the flue, is now reused. As the steam is reused, it means the boiler has less work to do, therefore making the condensing boiler very cost-effective. It is also eco-friendly as there is no longer large amounts of Carbon Dioxide being emitted out into the world.

Above we described the condensing boilers to be safe, the reason we used this phrase is because they are less likely to have foreign objects sucked into the system. The reason for this is, is because the condensing boilers are fully sealed and suck air in from outside, whereas conventional boilers aren’t and therefore at risk of breaking if anything was to be sucked into the boiler.

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