Signs to look for when in need of a roof repair

Roof InspectionIt’s not always obvious when your property may be in need of a few roof repairs, however, as we have a team of experienced and qualified roofers at the Nu Gas Group, we have put together this post to help you discover when a roof is in need of a few repairs.

The best place to start when performing the roof inspection yourself, is to identify any broken, missing or cracked tiles. This is an important thing to check because this is literally what prevents water entering the property. Even just a cracked tile or slate allows water to work it’s way through the crack into the roofing system, which then damages the roof and property. In the unfortunate situation that you do come across a damaged tile or slate, we advise you get it replaced a.s.a.p. Our roofing services include tile replacements, so don’t hesitate to call us on 01226 755661 for a quote on your property.

We also strongly advise to give your gutter a good clean out when checking out the roof. It is easy to forget about the guttering system, but when forgotten issues such as blocked gutters, leaks and damaged fascias often arise. A common problem we find regularly with gutters, is a blockage caused from leaves and debris. Blocked gutters are quite simple to resolve if found early enough, simply remove any unusual dirt and leaves from the gutter and you should have yourself a perfectly working guttering system. Then again, if this doesn’t sound like something you would want to do yourself, our team of roofers will be more than happy to come out and have a look at the issue.

For more advanced DIY persons, taking a look at the shingles on a roof will also indicate whether roof damage has taken place. If you notice the shingles are begining to “blister” or peel away, this is a major sign to get a roof repair. Damaged shingles can lead to big problems regarding leaks, so be sure to fix them as soon as you can.

We have only provided a handful of areas to look into when performing a roof inspection, but do be sure to give the roof a thorough check. Perhaps you don’t feel comfortable with carrying our a roof inspection yourself? If this is the situation you are in, then that is what we are here for. Our team of roofing experts in Sheffield, Barnsley, Rotherham and other surrounding areas will be more than happy to help you with your roofing needs.