New project under way at Cemetery Rd

Cemetery Rd, Wath, Rotherham building work well underway call 01226 755661 today for a free no obligations quote or visit  

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The steps to take when your shower is losing water pressure


It is a very common complication to find that your shower has lost water pressure, and it is not always necessary to call out a plumber. Many people who are experiencing low water pressure have no idea what to do in order to rectify the situation. For this reason our plumbers based in Sheffield have…

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The reasons why you should save water


Everywhere we turn we see signs and posters trying to promote and encourage people to become environmentally friendly. One way to save the environment is by saving on waste water. We all turn a blind eye on small issues such as a dripping tap or leaving the tap on while brushing our teeth, but it is shocking how much…

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The signs of a blocked drain

Blocked drains

When it comes to finding out if you have a blocked drain, many people are unsure about what signs to look out for. Sometimes you may know you have a blocked drain, but simply don’t know what to do, whether it’s tackle to the blockage yourself or whether it is necessary to call out a…

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The technique to bleeding a radiator yourself

Bleeding a radiator

Every now and then you may notice your radiator’s aren’t working as well as they should be. Perhaps they are cold towards the top and warm at the bottom? If this is the case, then it sounds like you need to bleed your radiators. You will probably be thinking “how do I do that then?”,…

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The features and results of a condensing boiler


Condensing boilers will be recommended to you by your plumbing contractor, if you are on the look out for a new boiler system or replacement. They are cost effective, eco-friendly, safe and a legal requirement in the UK. When we say they are a legal requirement, it basically means that back in 2005, a new law…

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Different types of central heating systems

central heating Sheffield

Here at the Nu Gas Group, we offer a central heating Sheffield service that is second to none. This is because all of our plumbers and engineers are fully qualified in their niche, and we always treat our customers with the utmost respect. When it comes to having a new central heating system installed, there are several options you…

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Fancying a new front door just in time for spring and summer?

joinery Sheffield

Your front door provides one of the first impressions when people visit your home, therefore you want it look great. A new front door could be made from PCVu, steel or timber and come in a variety of different colours. If a new door is something you are interested in having, then our team of…

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Checks you can make to ensure your home is electrically safe

Electrician Sheffield

Our lives are practically surrounded by electronic devices, ranging from the fridge in our kitchens to the Xbox 360 in the kid’s bedroom. It is important that you are aware of the dangers having these device can create. Here are our top tips to prevent an electrician Sheffield specialist having to be sent out to…

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Tips to help when pointing a wall

Property Repairs Sheffield

Generally, the first thing people think of when pointing is needed to be carried out is “messy”. However, hopefully by reading through our list of tips when pointing, you should be able to make pointing a lot less messy and a neater job. First of all, put your safety first. Ensure the ladder you are…

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