Fancying a new front door just in time for spring and summer?

joinery SheffieldYour front door provides one of the first impressions when people visit your home, therefore you want it look great. A new front door could be made from PCVu, steel or timber and come in a variety of different colours. If a new door is something you are interested in having, then our team of joinery Sheffield experts can be the ones to call.

There are a wide range of external doors available such as:

  • Hardwood doors
  • Softwood doors
  • French doors
  • Double doors
  • Garage doors
  • And more!

When considering have a new door, there are several factors to take into consideration. The first thing to think about is the stability and security. When looking at the types of doors out there, make sure you look into their specifications and how well they perform when it comes to security and sturdiness. After all, you want a door that is going to be strong enough to endure all sorts of slamming, and one that is known to resist break ins.

Then there is the style of the door. There are a wide range of designs when it comes to exterior doors, these range from french doors to triple glazed oak external doors! You will find many stores across the UK that have examples of their doors out on the showroom, such as B&Q, so why not take a look around to see them for yourself.

Moving onto the installation process. Fitting and ordering the correct insulation for doors can be quite a tricky task, therefore as a qualified joinery firm, we advise you seek advice from a professional joiner. They have much more experience and skills in fitting doors efficiently, so it is best left to the professionals.

Here at the Nu Gas Group, our Sheffield joinery service is something that simply cannot be missed. Our team are able to fit doors, garden gazebos, fitted wardrobes and bookshelves, kitchen cupboards and tables, fencing and gates, staircases and a lot more! Give us a call on 01226 755661 or email us at for a free quote on your joinery ideas.