Affordable Warmth

greendeal-posterUnder the Government’s Affordable Warmth Obligation you may qualify for a:

  • Free energy efficient boiler
  • Free loft insulation
  • Free cavity wall insulation
  • Free solid wall insulation

What is the ECO Affordable Warmth Scheme?

Under the Government’s recently launched Energy Companies Obligation (ECO) which runs alongside the Green Deal, accredited installers have funds provided by the big six energy companies, to cover the cost of a free boiler or free home insulation.  The ECO Affordable Warmth Scheme has been introduced to fight fuel poverty and reduce carbon emissions and if you qualify, you could have an ‘A’ rated energy efficient boiler, loft insulation or cavity wall insulation installed in your home……………. FREE OF CHARGE!

Eligibility criteria

  • Live in your own home or a privately rented one

Social housing is excluded from the Affordable Warmth Scheme but other Government sponsored schemes may be available.

  • Receive certain state benefits

Qualifying benefits under the Affordable Warmth Scheme include state pension credit, child tax credit, income-based job seeker’s allowance, income-related employment and support allowance, income support and working tax credit. Some of these state benefits have conditions attached such as also having parental responsibility for a child under the age of 16 or being in receipt of a disability allowance.

  • Have an inefficient, faulty central heating boiler

Modern condensing boilers are very efficient and in broad terms the Affordable Warmth Scheme covers practically every other type of central heating boiler including back boilers. If your boiler is more than ten years old or has a square external flue, or if the pilot light stays on even when the boiler isn’t operating, it is likely that your boiler qualifies under the Affordable Warmth Scheme to be replaced free of charge. Some of the faults with boilers which are covered by the Affordable Warmth Scheme are: problems with the pilot light or the boiler not lighting properly, the boiler making banging noises, leaking gas or water and if your boiler is corroded – but there are many other faults included and a free technical survey can determine this.

  • Have poorly insulated walls or roof

You may qualify for free loft insulation under the Affordable Warmth Scheme if you have less than 100 mm of insulation in your loft. You may qualify for free cavity wall insulation if the external walls of your home has no cavity wall insulation and you may qualify for solid wall insulation if the external walls of your home have no cavity or one less than 50 mm wide.

Who carries out the upgrades to my home?

The upgrades will be carried out by qualified professional installers who are affiliated with the Affordable Warmth programme (us!). Only authorised installers can carry out the work, which is your guarantee that the work will be done professionally, and at no cost to you. After you apply and it appears that you may qualify for the upgrades, an authorised assessor will conduct an in-home assessment and an authorised installer will carry out the work on your home.

Why should I take advantage of Affordable Warmth?

The home improvements that you can get through Affordable Warmth will help you keep your home warm, and reduce your heating bills. Warmer homes are drier and healthier to live in, as well as more cosy and comfortable. And of course, you’ll save money on your gas or electricity bills too, so you’ll be better off all round.

 Are we a part of this scheme? – YES!

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